Supportive Housing Services

Our Supportive Housing Program is conveniently located in the Loring Heights neighborhood in the uptown area of south Minneapolis.  We are licensed to provide non-time limited housing for up to 51 SPMI adults at four locations with varied levels of supervision.  Services Offered:

· 24-hour Supervision

· Meals

· Monitoring and supervision of self administration of medications.

· Monitoring of each resident’s physical, emotional, and mental health.

· Assistance in accessing and utilizing community resources necessary to maintain mental and physical health.

· Assistance and guidance in accessing social, leisure time, and recreational activities.

· Guidance in daily living activities.

· Crisis awareness and response.

· Development of mutual roles with each resident and involved professionals for supporting the resident in achieving individual goals.


Contact: Director, Jill Culver-Ramos

Phone:  612-871-0805 ext. 318

Fax:  612-813-0158